Thursday, 17 June 2010

What a week!!

I'm supposed to be getting ready for the craft show at the Forum tomorrow and Sat, so obviously blogging is a suitable way to avoid packing the car and running round headlessly looking for pins etc. Have also completed other worthwhile task avoidance in the form of designing new labels, business cards etc. After meeting with printers last week, I was horrified how expensive these things are! So, I've spent the last hour guillotining A4 envelopes and playing with my printer (the Epson, not the man I met I hasten to add, in case you read this Pete!) I'm pleased with it - looks better printed on a brown envelope - very organic!

Anyway ... the exciting week. Met with the lovely Sheila of Burlingham Hall  thestudioburlinghamhall to talk about felt workshops. She has got the most fabulous studio - it will be perfect. We are aiming for a series of workshops, and have decided to set the ball rolling with a taster session on 21st July. How fab is that!!
Then I got home and my new woman had been delivered:

I think she needs some hair - anyone got a wig they don't want?!
Had a lovely weekend socialising - even watched the football.

Taught my sister how to felt - she made a FABULOUS scarf.

Nice picture of my cooker too - I was in a hurry OK?

Spent a couple of days faffing and felting, then opened my emails tonight to find an invitation to exhibit at a gallery in Corpusty in September - the theme is Mad Hats! Can't wait to get started.

What a week!!

Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy accidents

The felt and I reconnected this week after my distraction with vintage zip brooches. (Very sore fingers - for the first time in my life I had to use a thimble!)

No, I still haven't cracked funky boots - still mulling. Still haven't done anything with the stripey felt. Both gone into my thinking pot. But I have diverged into lattice! I seem to have a geometrical thing going on with the felt at the moment. My inner mathematician is surfacing!

I was happily laying out the fluff for a custom order for a lattice scarf. The prototype had worked beautifully; all I had to do was follow the rules.

Tut, tut. Too impatient. The water was too hot, I was too vigorous too early - and my subtle scarf turned into ..

... a string vest!!

 The air turned a funny colour as I mused vociferously. I scrumpled it up in disgust - then looked again. Aha -(to the point of today's post) - a happy accident. Texturally, it felt fabulous. It draped, it clung. I wrapped it around my neck - and ta ra!! It looked fabulous too!

So I made some more.

Must practice this photography malarkey. Not sure whether it's because my camera is so old, or me!! Should I be fomatting my pics to a standard size first - I did crop these to edit out the coffee cup sitting on the shelf!  Suspect that it's me. Struggled with moving pictures around on here until I discovered a more advanced editing section in settings. Why have a crappy version as the default? Hmmm??

Monday, 26 April 2010

Me?? A blog? How grown up is that?!

My sister Liz planted the blog seed yesterday morning, whilst musing at the Norwich Bead and Textile Fair. An inspiring conversation with Teena in the afternoon - - watered and nourished the little sproutling, and WOW today, it has grown into a blog all of my own! Thank you both so much!