Friday, 28 May 2010

Happy accidents

The felt and I reconnected this week after my distraction with vintage zip brooches. (Very sore fingers - for the first time in my life I had to use a thimble!)

No, I still haven't cracked funky boots - still mulling. Still haven't done anything with the stripey felt. Both gone into my thinking pot. But I have diverged into lattice! I seem to have a geometrical thing going on with the felt at the moment. My inner mathematician is surfacing!

I was happily laying out the fluff for a custom order for a lattice scarf. The prototype had worked beautifully; all I had to do was follow the rules.

Tut, tut. Too impatient. The water was too hot, I was too vigorous too early - and my subtle scarf turned into ..

... a string vest!!

 The air turned a funny colour as I mused vociferously. I scrumpled it up in disgust - then looked again. Aha -(to the point of today's post) - a happy accident. Texturally, it felt fabulous. It draped, it clung. I wrapped it around my neck - and ta ra!! It looked fabulous too!

So I made some more.

Must practice this photography malarkey. Not sure whether it's because my camera is so old, or me!! Should I be fomatting my pics to a standard size first - I did crop these to edit out the coffee cup sitting on the shelf!  Suspect that it's me. Struggled with moving pictures around on here until I discovered a more advanced editing section in settings. Why have a crappy version as the default? Hmmm??

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