Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The MoJo returneth

Last year I discovered (the hard way) that felt doesn't sell in the summer - it's texturally wrong for the time of year. So for the last couple of months I've concentrated on making stock and teaching workshops. It's been fab - I've created and experimented, and had a lovely time.

On Sunday, however, as my first show of the season loomed, I had crawling butterflies in the stomach! You know - that feeling you have the day before going back to school after the summer holidays. (I'm speaking as an ex teacher here, not a pupil!) All day was spent searching for all those crucial table cloths, clips, and various display bits and bobs which I had blithely scattered around the house, the loft and the shed a few months before, intending to spend a day 'rationalising'. (Obviously I hadn't!) What did I used to take? Where was my hat stand??? oh and I'd better take some things to sell too!

Fitful sleep - what if people don't like my new designs? Have I packed my sewing stuff? Forgotten to print workshop list - do it while you eat breakfast.  You've got the picture.

I'm delighted to report that of course, everything went swimmingly, and I've had a great couple of days. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy craft shows, particularly at Wells next Sea. It's a really nice tight community of fellow makers. The buzz of talking about your work is wonderful, and I greatly appreciate all the positive feedback. And of course, nothing can beat the feeling of total strangers handing over hard cash for something that you've made!!

I said a fond farewell to a favourite hat today...

.. and to one of my new bags ..
Luckily I'd taken a photo of this one (the only one I had snapped!). My new design purses went down well, as well as new flower shapes. (Of which I have no photo's yet!)

Humming and buzzing, I came home last night after a fabulous meal with friends in Wells (thank you Cecilia and Baz) and restarted The Blog.

Tonight, after being inspired by a customer who makes lampwork beads, and after at least two years of procrastination, I have very nearly opened an ETSY SHOP!!!!!!!.

Just got to hit the 'Go on, you know you want to, press me and it will all be real' button.

(After I decide what to write in the really boring sections on terms and conditions etc)


The MoJo is BACK!!

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